Party Wall


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Party Wall is a statutory process that could be complex and a daunting task for some.

If you are looking to carry out the building works or are affected by them, we can assist you with your Party Wall matters.

We provide free no-obligation advice to all even where we are not appointed.

Party Wall Surveyors are appointed when the affected adjoining owner has dissented or has neglected to respond within 14 days of service of valid Notices served on them.


Surveyor” means any person not being a party to the matter appointed or selected under section 10 to determine disputes in accordance with the procedures set out in this Act.

They are required to follow the Party Wall Act framework so that the building works progress and that they do not cause unnecessary inconvenience to the affected neighbours.


Have a question? We’re here to provide free no obligation advice.

We can be appointed for three types of appointments, where a dispute has arisen.

Types of surveyors:

Where Party Wall Surveyors have been appointed by the affected neighbours who have been served with valid party wall notices, this appointment of surveyors is known as Adjoining Owners Surveyor.


The neighbours affected by the building works, known as Adjoining Owners can also appoint us to act on their behalf. We will thoroughly review your neighbours’ proposals and guide you on how your property may be affected under the Act.

Building Owners who are proposing to carry out building works which fall under the remit of the Party Wall etc. Act 1996, known also as the ACT, can appoint a party wall surveyor to prepare notices and undertake duties on their behalf, this appointment is known as Building Owners Surveyor.


Building Owners can appoint us to act on their behalf at competitive rates. We can prepare the documents and carry out our duties for Building Owners, review the proposed plans and suggest the best approach for you.

A single surveyor who has been jointly appointed by the two parties in dispute is known as Agreed Surveyor. A dispute simply means the adjoining owner has dissented to the notices served.


Building Owners and Adjoining Owners can jointly concur on appointing us to represent both sides. We will always remain impartial and will act independently while protecting both sides’ interests and rights.

Typical duties of a party wall surveyor are:

Party Wall Surveyors’ duties are somewhat similar to Arbitrators, in the same manner, that the party wall surveyors also produce an Award which is a method available to resolve a dispute which arose when the neighbours dissented to the Notices.

You can be sure that our party wall surveyors will always act impartially under their statutory appointment and we will always provide you with the best and most cost-effective advice.

We will always be transparent about our fees as well as will always look to provide the most ethical advice which will be in your best interest.

A party wall surveyor’s remit is strictly limited to those matters governed by the Act.


  1. Design check and implications discussed with owners.
  2. Preparing or validating party wall notices.
  3. Liaising with the Owners or their appointed surveyor.
  4. Conducting Schedule of Condition – pre works survey to note down the condition of adjoining owners’ property.
  5. Preparing or checking off Schedule of Condition report, typically prepared by the Building Owners’ surveyor.
  6. Party Wall Award - a legal document that sets out the time and manner of the notifiable works and how they will take place. To be agreed by the Agreed or the two appointed surveyors.
  7. Responding and dealing with any further disputes which may arise during the building works taking place.
  8. Raising concerns and disputes where damages may have been reported.
  9. Post building works steps, such as confirming no damages caused by way of additional visits.

All our Surveyors are members of the Faculty of Party Wall Surveyors, Pyramus and Thisbe Club and Chartered Association of Building Engineers.